After Effects Free Full Download

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it sounds great to found After Effects Free Full Download link

sadly most of the links are either removed or contain trojans, that's why I'll share with you a clean and safe link to download it.

before you start downloading, it would be great to know 10 important things before you even start working with after effects .

So... where can you start? in the rest of this article, I'm going to talk exactly about it, from your starting point until your path to the professional world, the After Effects Free Full Download link is going to be down the article if you are busy.

 but if you just start using after effects or this is your first time with it,

 I recommend you first give this article 2 min, believe me, you're going to change the way you see after effects forever!

After effects looks hard

the first impression anyone gets's after showing after effects are "Damn, how could you know all that ?"

to be honest, I've got the same impression when I first saw it, it looks pretty complex, but don't worry, all you need is take a step at a time,

when you try to take it all trust me , you're going to leave it all.

 you can check those 5 best after effects tutorials  that will get's your hand dirty, give it a try, after getting those 5 tutorials , I'm pretty sure you'll have the ability to make your first project instantly.


What's your goal from learning after effects? 


Everybody want to learn, few know why.

What's the big deal with knowing why? after effects is a huge world , where the usage and the possibilities are limited, thus falling in a middle of the desert without knowing where are you going will only make you lost, or worst, give up easily.

so what's the solution?

very simple, take a piece of paper and write the projects you desire to create after a week from now.

 you're going to found out what you really up to from this project.

ask yourself, what do I want to create ?

doi want to make visual effects? if so I recommend you check those after effects tutorials  where you're going to found a lot of valuable websites.

do you wish to create trailers and intro? you are more likely wanted to learn about motion graphic and kinetic .

do you wish to create animation and cartoon?  you should learn about rigging and keyframing

and so on, I can't remember all kind of stuff you can create with after effects, you can make a comment below about the thing you want to create.

I'll show you the stuff you should learn.

doing this will minimise the consuming time and the energy as well, I mean , why would you learn something that you won't use in the short term? if you know what I mean.


Why Free after effects download

imagine that you worked your ass off to make something awesome, that can change the world , you worked day and night with no sleep.

 After minutes of launching your project you found someone uses what you made for free, I mean he just has stolen it.

I believe it's slightly the same case of downloading after effects for free.

I'll be honest with you, my start was with a free after effects "download it from torrent".

 yes, I did it, but after I've got enough money to buy it, I did right after I had the exact price.

look, I'll be so honest with you and I hope you are with yourself.

if you don't have money to buy it go down a little you're going to found a torrent link to download the full version of after effects cc and cs5.

 I encourage you to do that IF you truly can't buy it , it's better to work with it and learn it while you don't have money, then just stay on facebook  all day long.

but I wanted to process yourself that when you reach its price, you must buy it .

trust me you'll feel so   so so much better .

after effects download link magnet
 Direct download : click here

If you  found this useful, feel free to share it, who know, you can change somebody's life


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8 best after effect free download ressources that will boost your work

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List of the best after effect free download

It's hard to make everything from zero, that's why most freelances buy an after effect plugins and templates.
what if I give you 8 websites which you can get premiere and high quality after effect free download resources for free?
You can finish more projects in less time, with less effort and costs
If you just have started after effect, i suggest you first learn how they made those effects.

Those after effect free download resources are given for freelancers who need finish them tasks faster



Dribbble is a similar website to behance.
it's a great place to get some inspiration, creative ideas, and FREE stuff.
some of the projects at Dribbble are open source, 100% legal and free.
simply type "Freebie after effect" or any similar keyword, you'll get a huge premiere
stuff, most of the project are really great.

Remember , don't be selfish, they work hard to create those projects, give them a nice comment
or a thumb up.




This website give some huge templates and plugins for free.
personally some of those free after effect templates look much better then the premiere ones
i recommend you see them payable templates, stunning.




Andrew didn't just show us how after effects is limitless by his  after effect tutorials , he added the project file for every tutorial.
instead of recreating the effect "Lazy boy" You can download it, just click on Project File and here you go.
just be sure you have the plugins the project require, otherwise, you'll have a messy project.

This guy is a tank, i wouldn't even know what does after effect or photoshop mean without him

Thanks Andrew :)


4. AEteacher

You would love this website full of great value, most of what he post cost some dollars.
however some of his posts are free.
i recommend you check it 


 5. AEtutsplus


Probably you'll know aetutplus . Huge website, i learn some devil tricks no body know,
and you will too. the trick few notice is , most of the tutorials have a free file for the template.

You can easily take it, customize then add it to your video, this might take some time.
what's most time consuming? start from the start, or customize a ready to use template?




This website isn't a free after effect tutorial directory, however. freepik is full of free open source
flat design, you can use in your video for free.

if you are interested as well to create kind design, such as social media cover.
this place is perfect for you 


7. Xstock video

Let's get to the real stuff.
if you need a video to create an advertising, explanation video ...
This would add a huge value, by adding real videos to your after effect project,
it will create a huge value on your project, the greater is that it's free.
 i recommend you check it out


8-Google Fonts


Fonts are a necessary part of your work, bad typographic will result a bad video.
Google fonts would be one of the best place to take your fonts, for free


Conclusion :

There's millions of ressources online, you only need to search for it.
it's hard to fund some good free after effect ressources.
So what's your best free ressources?

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5 best after effects tutorials That will get you to the next level

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There's millions of after effect tutorials on the web.
99% only teach how you can make a specific effect such "Make a kamehameha or create an explosion "

But very few vfx guru teach you the anatomy of after effect.

There's a huge difference between an artist that learn how to create and explosion and the one who learn how does after effect tools and plugins work?

Whether you'v just started to learn how you can move an object or you'r search for 2012 case study , i'm going to show you, the 10 best after effect tutorials that will

ps: sorry for my bad English.

1.   A Trip to the Moon

What the..? This isn't a tutorial?
Yap! i know, this might not be what you expected.
George Méliès made this move in the 1902, the early days of light invention 
He had 0 ressources, No tracking softwares or a good camera.
 however, He made one of the bests short movies i'v ever saw (comparing to his ressources).
See, it isn't about searching for the right tutorial to learn how you can make a good realism effect, or a hyper realistic movements.

it's all about having a mindset, understanding the tools you have better then anyone 
else, then start using them in a way you can create your effect.

In after effect world, there's millions of ways to create a certain the same effect.

2- All about Keyframing

Wanna create an animation in after effect?
This i for you, whether you're doing visual effects or motion graphics, this will teach you the anatomy of keyframing 
For who don't know the meaning of keyframing 
key frame is a drawing that defines the starting and ending points of any smooth transition. The drawings are called "frames" because their position in time is measured in frames on a strip of film. A sequence of key frames defines which movement the viewer will see

3- Sam and Niko Channel 

you might know those 2 guys via corridor Digital
 them tutorials might look like an advantage level.
It isn't, try to understand the way they make certain effect individually.
found the tools you're going
This might be the best way to learn, the general concept of an effect, you can do it in your style after understanding it

4- after effect 2.5D 

This is a very useful techniques when you combine it with motion tracking, very simple and extremely powerful. 
you can use this technique to create an environment, real explosions....

you can even use it on motion graphics, i believe  you are really creative, so try to found out ways you can use it.

5-Trapecode Particule 

I really love this plugin, i can make a huge article talking only about it, trapcode particle have an extremely huge power compressed in a very simple plugin.
You only need a good and creative mind, and you'll see the world open his mouth on your videos.

if you already know about it, and have  an experience with it, watch this video.
it's a first step tutorial, however, repetition is the mother of learning.
as i said before my goal isn't give you how to tutorial, instead, i want you to understand the anatomy of those visual effect.

it's like being the god of your world, you can create your own effects, physics...


Don't try to get the fish, instead try to understand how others get that fish. 
This strategy, i should say mindset, made a shortcut for me
and it will do the same for you 

What about you, what's your favorite tutorial?
and why?

Comment below and don't forget to spread this with others.

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the secret video effects software used in hollywood

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We all want to make some great professional visual effects right? 
But do you know wish software they use ?
You probably already know those software, trust me. you won't believe it 

Since i start on this domain, i was always wondering,what kind of professional video editing software they use? or what kind of  visual effects software used in hollywood, i asked many professional cg artists compositors animators...
They all had the same answer "It isn't about the software, it's about the creativity you have".

I was always searching for the "Secret software", thought i'l found something that created the new episode of "Transformers" on one click. 
If you have are in the same path i was, please stop, you'll hurt your self.

There is no secret software, there's only hard work and creativity on the way they use those softwares.

thus Software vary depending on the usage , sometimes they use only one software.
on some other shut, they might use multiple software and link them by some pipelines. We'll get into this later.

Frankly, i like more use the minimum software i can .in fact i love to challenge my self to creat a shut with only few resources.

 let's take an example of a shut , let's take 2012 

For who don't know this movie, 2012 is a movie talk about a man that want to save his family from the apocalypse. obviously he did, the whole world die, the only place wish don't get touch is where he stay!

but anyway take a look at this 

The supervisor said that they made this movie with skyline company. moreover they made it with multiple company such as movie picture company and others to make those visual effects .

sony studio did produce the sciences, anyway.

as you saw, those scenes made using multiple corporations and multiple software
Most used software on this project was 

NAYAD ; to create the fluid simulation

HOUDINI; adding more details to this simulation+ creating the destructions and fire
MAYA; Controlling the destruction and fire simulation+ animation and sculpturing 
They use some other softwares for rendering and simulation such as skyline simulation. 

Sadly it's a private software, only this company can use it

Since i saw this movie i'v got a challenge to make this scene in minimum ressources.

I had a intel core 2 duo 3Ghz*2 
3Go Ram 
80Go hard drive+ 500Go  external one for data cache

and the surprise is, 250Mo on the Graphic card "Intel chipset family
hhh the worst graphic card on the world 

So don't wait i make the exact results as Skyline made, however i try my best.

It took me 2 weeks to finish a 12 second simulation.
I used Realflow t make this shut 

So anyway, here ou go

After lot of research, i found out the way to make it in less processing. 


I promise to give you the 5 visual effects software used in hollywood,
I gave you ony one, it's your self, if you believe on your creativity, you can achieve anything
with anything. you don't need a fancy crazy software to make the new 2012,
You only need found out the way you can make it with tools you already have 

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Unleash your fingers"My work"

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Silent Hill: Revelation 3D "Trailer"

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